GHMC records in garbage removal

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Mon, Sep 03, 2018, 11:58 AM

After surprising analysts by using drones to quantify the amount of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, the GHMC has yet again taken a gamble by providing information of debris removed in seven days, information that does not quite add up.Following the instructions of the new GHMC commissioner M. Dana Kishore, the corporation, without conducting a special drive, claimed that it had removed 7164 metric tonnes of garbage. None of the officials were aware of the method used and no official was willing to own responsibility.

Highly placed sources said that GHMC's official data showed that it had been removing 450 metric tonnes of C&D waste generated in the city. Sources claimed the C&D wing was projecting false numbers. They alleged that it had manipulated the amount of sand used in capping the garbage dump yard at Jawaharnagar, and quantified the C&D waste present on the 57-km Musi river stretch at 12 lakh tonnes.

"How can the C&D wing quantify that 12 lakh tonnes of waste in the Musi and claim that it had been gauged by using drones? The estimates came within a day of the High Court's directions. And now it has removed 7,164 metric tonnes in seven days when only 450 metric tonnes are generated in city, and that too without increasing number of vehicles or trips,"an official said.

The numbers were released immediately after the GHMC commissioner’s instructions. Sources said that they suspected a nexus between the private agency and C&D wing officials in providing false information.  

The quantity had been enhanced to benefit the private agency, they felt.As per official records, the corporation removed 536 MT of C&D waste on on August 27, 1,502 MT on August 28, 1,614 MT on August 29, 1,634 MT on August 30 and 1,700 MT on August 31.