The Benz company is a shock given to the telangana police

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Tue, Jun 27, 2017, 01:03 PM

      P Nishit, son of AP municipal administration minister  P Narayana,  was driving to home Jubilee Hills road number 36 in a Mercedez Benz car around  3 am due  rain darkness at the time as power lines had snapped,.On May 10th, Nizhit's car, the benz car, was hit by a pistol at high speed. Nishit's friend died in this accident. There is a lot of doubts about the safety of this car with the most expensive features in this backdrop. Even if Telangana police came to assess the cause of the excessive acceleration, the police tried to get some information about the car from the Benz company.

Has any technical error in the vehicle arises? Air bags are open in time? Why are their lives gone when air bags are open? Etc. The police wrote the letter. With no response from the Benz company ...again they did same thing by email. The benz of the company, which responded to the email, they said give the details of the postmortem report and details of investigation. As a result, the police were abducted. They say they will give details of the secretive investigation. He said this would be brought to the attention of the superior