investigation in 10 anglesin sirisha death case

investigation in 10 anglesin sirisha death case

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Tue, Jun 27, 2017, 01:13 PM

There was a new Twists  Turns in Beautician Sirisha suicide case has been raising the curiosity among the general public. Everybody wants to know the answers for few questions related to the sequence of incidents happened hours before her death.

Though polices almost reached the conclusion that Sirisha had committed suicide initially, An in-depth investigation raised the doubt if it's a murder. Hence, Custody of Rajeev and Sravan has been sought by the Police for interrogation. Court granted two days custody and the accused were sent to Chanchalguda Jail.
polices have been investigating the case in as many as 10 angles. How did Audio Tapes leaked after Sirisha's death? Who are Nandu and Naveen, the names mentioned by Sirisha during phone conversation? With whom did Rajeev planned to end ties - Sirisha or Tejaswini? What's the role of Tejaswini in the entire issue?

When he was enquired about Nandu, Rajeev told to police that he knew nothing about him. He even said he might be the friend of Sirisha.

Police focussed on rape angle after marks were spotted on Sirisha's inner wear. Has SI Prabhakar Reddy sexually assaulted Sirisha? Both Rajeev and Sravan admitted they found SI Prabhakar Reddy attempting rape on Sirisha when they were outside the room. They both entered the room upon hearing the shouts of Sirisha but SI expressed anger and sent them out. Sirisha was left devastated with SI's behaviour and she slapped herself many times while returning to Hyderabad.

Rajeev admitted that he has beaten up Sirisha few times during return journey from Kukunoorpally. Sravan told he used to meet Sirisha regularly without the knowledge of Rajeev. Tejaswini came to RJ Studio on May 30th and warned Sirisha up on knowing about their extra-marital affair. Later, Rajeev and Sravan reached a Coffee Shop in Banjara Hills Road No.10 to discuss about the issue.