Licenses of two blood banks in Hyderabad cancelled for selling plasma

Telangana |  IANS  | Published : Tue, Feb 20, 2024, 11:59 AM

Hyderabad, Feb (IANS) The Drugs Control Administration of Telangana has cancelled the licenses of two blood banks in Hyderabad for carrying out the illegal sale of human plasma.

The licenses of Srikara Hospital Blood Centre New Life Educational Society Blood Centre have been cancelled in connection with the illegal plasma collection racket which was busted at Moosapet on February 2, officials said on Monday.

Acting on credible information, DCA officials conducted a raid at Haemo Service Laboratories situated in a residential building in Moosapet on February 2.

They detected a huge stock of human plasma bags stored in freezers.

According to DAC, one R. Raghavendra Naik has been operating the firm Haemo Service Laboratories within the apartment, illegally collecting plasma from various blood banks and stockpiling them for sale in an unauthorised manner.

DCA officers found that Srikara Hospital Blood Bank and New Life Educational Society Blood Centre illegally sold plasma to R. Raghavendra Naik of Haemo Service Laboratories, not adhering to the norms.

DCA officers immediately raided the two blood banks and confirmed the illegal sale of plasma to Haemo Service Laboratories upon verification.

At blood banks, plasma is separated from whole blood, collected from donors, through a process called plasmapheresis.

After collection, it must be frozen within six hours to preserve its integrity.

Plasma must be stored in freezers at temperatures below minus 30 degree Celsius to maintain its stability and prevent degradation. DCA Telangana issued show cause notices to the two blood banks regarding the illegal sale of plasma from the blood bank and for certain violations reported by DCA officers regarding non-conformity with blood bank norms.

As the illegal sale of plasma by blood banks can have detrimental consequences on public health, the licenses of the two blood banks have been cancelled with immediate effect on the larger public interest, said DCA Director General Kamalasan Reddy.

He said blood banks must implement stringent measures to prevent such activities and ensure the integrity of blood banking practices.

He warned that stringent action will be taken as per the law against violators.

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