Govt plans to place one card for all modes of transport

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 01:32 PM

In its attempt to integrate all modes of transport and provide last mile connectivity, the Transport Department is planning to bring common ticket facility for passengers. A task force committee formed by the government would introduce a mobile application integrating transport services including Metro Rail, TSRTC, MMTS, private cab operators like Ola and Uber and autos.

This was announced by the Transport Principal Secretary and TSRTC in-charge MD Sunil Sharma and Metro Rail MD N V S Reddy at a press conference here on Tuesday. Sunil Sharma said the task force committee had discussed about bringing a mobile app so that it would be beneficial to all commuters. Sunil Sharma said there would also be a card through which the payments could be made while travelling in various modes of transport. 

“Within two months, we will come up with solution for making the process comfortable. The Metro Rail has T-Savari mobile app... We will see whether this app can be used or another integrated app should be developed,” said Sunil Sharma.

Sharma said the RTC had no competition with the Metro Rail and routes would be rationalised and concentration would be on providing last mile connectivity. Apart from ticketing, the bus tracking facility would also be provided in the mobile app. 

N V S Reddy said the HMR officials showed T-Savari to the committee and added that if there was a need for changes, a new one would be developed. He said the HMR would give the first priority to RTC for running the feeder services. 

The HMR MD said that Metro was not a competition for RTC. Still, RTC handles 33 lakh passengers every day. Similarly, the MMTS handles two lakh passengers and Metro provides 80,000 passengers a day. He said that routes of RTC would be rationalised for the last mile connectivity. Common ticket would ensure that money is deducted and credited into the mode of transport, which the passenger uses. Replying to a question, N V S Reddy said pricing of Metro Rail tickets was dealt by L&T and added that the fares were less compared to other Metros.