School managment attacked for refusing to provide a school bus

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Thu, Nov 01, 2018, 01:39 PM

Eight student leaders of Osmania University attacked the finance head and managing trustee of an international school in the city, on Tuesday after the school refused to provide a school bus for a rally.The school authorities alleged the student leaders demanded that the management contribute Rs 50,000 for the rally. The students created a ruckus when the management declined to pay.The school management lodged a complaint against the students at the Nallakunta police station. The student leaders denied the allegations made by the management.

A school official told, “Eight students attacked our school finance head and managing trustee and they used abusive language. They wanted us to provide a school bus for their rally. When we refused, they asked us for Rs 50,000 donation. When the 68-year-old woman official refused saying that it was not possible for us as this is a trust-run school, they started creating a ruckus. They pushed down all the things on table and abused her verbally. They also manhandled our watchman.”

Asked about the incident, Mr B. Swamy Goud, OU president, Telangana BC Students Association said, “We were conducting a rally for which we asked them to provide a school bus and some contribution. They first promised to provide a bus but refused later. We did not create any ruckus but we did ask them to help us for the rally. Later the issue was resolved at the Nallakunta police station.”