Adivasi photographer exhibited his work in Nagoba Jatara

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Sun, Feb 10, 2019, 12:10 PM

For the first time, an Adivasi photographer exhibited his work on the culture of his communitiy in the Nagoba Jatara, which sadly went unnoticed. The poor youngster had spent ₹ 13,500 in getting the 35 prints made but hardly anyone took note of it as he was not apportioned proper space at the jatara.

Pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) at JNFAU in Hyderabad Vedma Ashok Kumar, a Raj Gond Adivasi, belongs to Utnoor mandal headquarters. The exhibition was his first display and is unique for being the first professional effort of its kind from within the community.

“I have tried to showcase the lifestyle of indigenous people and their culture through visual medium,” Mr. Ashok Kumar said of his work. “I have always been passionate about story telling which is why I joined the course,” he explained.

“I want to take the message of my culture across the world through this medium,” he asserted.

“The pictures on display are an array of action filled moments during the famous Dandari-Ghusadi festival and Nagoba Jatara from the last three years and would have helped draw a contrast with the 40 year-old pictures of British Anthropologist Michael Yorke which were also exhibited in the jatara,” opined Mesram Badu from Narnoor, a visitor to the jatara.