Death Sentence to rapist-killer Polipaka Praveen

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Fri, Aug 09, 2019, 03:21 PM

Warangal: In a landmark judgment, the Warangal court on Thursday gave the death sentence to Polipaka Praveen, who was held guilty of raping and murdering a nine-month-old infant on June 19.

The verdict was passed just 48 days after the incident. First additional judge cum POCSO special court judge K. Jaya Kumar, after hearing the case, passed a sentence of death by hanging.

The trial began on July 24. The police presented 30 witnesses before the court along with video surveillance footage to prove Praveen guilty. Standing in solidarity with the parents of the child, none of the lawyers in Warangal came forward to defend the accused. Praveen confessed to his heinous act, which he said he committed in an inebriated condition.

Praveen,  28, abducted the baby at night from the terrace of her house in Kumarpally in Hanam-konda while she was sleeping beside her mother. He took her to a secluded location two streets away and molested her. When she cried in pain, he gagged the child till she died.

Members of her family who searched for the baby found her with Praveen. He was thrashed before being handed over to the police.

The police completed the investigation in 21 days and submitted the charge sheet in court. After delivering the judgement, the judge said Praveen could appeal the sentence in the High Court.

A large gathering in front of the court on Thursday waited anxiously for the judgement, which, when it came, was generally lauded. The police was also congratulated for a quick and efficient investigation that ensured the accused was punished by law.